Museum Magic

Aoife Mannix workshops May June 2015 005

With the rain and wind howling outside, I had a wonderful time on Friday at the Portsmouth Museum working with children, as well as their families and carers, to celebrate the exhibition, ‘A Hard Choice’. We chose our favourite objects from the collection and gave them magical powers. Then we created adventure stories around finding these treasures and designed our own pictures to illustrate the magic and excitement. The imagination and the glitter flowed! The stories the young people came up with were truly impressive and I hope they’ll enter them for our children’s writing competition.

Here’s a poem I’ve written inspired by the work we did. Hopefully it gives you a flavour of just how much fun we had!


Look into this mirror
for eternal youth for your loved ones.
Step into the painting
to follow the murder corridor.
Pin this clock to a person in time,
breath another dimension,
navigate storms on the wings of a butterfly.
Take control of a castle that fits in your pocket,
hide a magic coin that multiplies into millions,
drink tea with Alice as you shrink,
fight colossal squids and the Loch Ness monster.
Win the prize of a chair that takes you
exactly where you want to go,
a hat that controls the weather,
a golden beach where the sun always shines.
Collect these tales from a rainy day
and discover the priceless gift of adventure.


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