Serving Tea

4. 1127_1980 Teapot Christopher Dresser

Another wonderful poem by a participant in one of my workshops –

Ceramic, Perspex and Steel Naval Teapot

by Lynne E Blackwood
Inspired by ‘Military Teapot Fixed Emplacement’, 1973, Stoneware and aluminium, David Hamilton

Iron shot and cannon rounds roll to and fro
around the rim, create a din within
the sailors’ fragile home. My companions
goad and shout at shot-shovers and skittle-hitters,
clad for the most in navy-blue serge,
others dressed as jack-tars,
oiled pigtails clinging stiff on backs.
Our stars are written in the upturned
half a moon lid above, delicate with rose-pink slip
and cerulean blue glaze. Escape! From a shot
and ball din spinning in the ceramic bowl.
It fills our hearts this desire for freedom.
The world whirls and swirls too much
so we scale up the fish-scaled spout, pour out
like wet tealeaves, jettison
grappling hooks onto steel handles.
We grip and slither but are resolute,
clamber upward to the translucent summit,
our clarity in the clouds far from shot and cannonball
rumbles that roll in the dregs of our watery grave.


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